The TosBlue sound from your TV will surprise you.

The surprising
TV stereo sound

Are you missing out of the stereo sound from your TV?

Your new TV outputs stereo from speakers on left and right side of your TV. As your new TV is elegant and flat, there is no room for good speakers inside. However, what is worse is that when you sit at a normal viewing distance from your TV, you are not able to pick up the stereo effect. Why? Simply because the listening angle to your speakers are too narrow.

The good news is that we have a good solution for you. An affordable solution.

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The TosBlue unit and the BHX headset are matched for optimal TV sound experience. Rich TV sound with no delay with aptx technology.

Perfect sound with
our BHX Bluetooth headset

The TosBlue units are perfectly matched with our BHX Bluetooth headset. The combination gives you trouble-free super stereo sound from your TV. Moreover, there is no sound delay compared to the sound from the internal TV speakers.

This means that the TV speakers and the headset may be used at the same time, and the sound from the two sources merges well together. The two sound flows are in sync.

This important feature is obtained as both units are equipped with the best aptx technology.

NOTE: You may use another Bluetooth headset. However, if your headset is not equipped with the best aptx technology, you may experience a delay of sound compared to the sound from your internal TV speakers. Both Bluetooth sender and receiver must have aptx to take full advantage of the aptx technology.

The aptx technology from CSR ensures super sound and eliminates delay in the TosBlue units.

Excellent sound
performance and no delay

The TosBlue-X units are upgraded to Bluetooth 4.0. For you, this means richer sound, improved bass and no sound delay. The TosBlue-Y unit is an improved version of the earlier TosBlue-X2 version. Now, with easier pairing with two headsets and no delay when used with two headsets.

This is how aptx works:

The aptx technology converts the audio signals between analog and digital formats. This process is done in high resolution and at high speed.

The results are apparent ….. You will experience excellent sound with no delay.

Our recommendation for
a “plug-n-play” solution

We recommend that you invest in a TosBlue-X unit + BHX headset for this application. Telme2 offer this combination at an attractive “bundle price” - including free shipping. Both units have the best aptx technology. For you, this means:
  • Enhanced sound performance
  • No delay of sound
The latter is important as the sound via the headset and the sound via your internal TV speakers will be well synchronized. If you plan to use a Bluetooth headset without aptx technology, you may experience a sound delay, i. e. the sound in the headset may be a little delayed compared to the sound via the internal TV speakers. Here are three possible ways to avoid problems with delay and secure a good sound.
  1. Turn off the sound from your internal TV speakers – and listen only via your Bluetooth headset.
  2. On most TV’s it is possible to adjust the timing of the sound output from the optical output port (SPDIF port). The procedure will differ from one TV to another. The general procedure is:
    • Click on MENU button on your TV’s remote control.
    • Click SOUND.
    • Go to SPDIF-DELAY. Here you may find a sliding bar. Draw the handle forth and back until the sound from the internal TV speakers and the sound via the TosBlue-X are in sync
  3. Invest in a good headset with aptx technology – for example the BHX headset from Telme2. Find more information on this headset here.