The TosBlue unit in its box. All cables are included.

The included USB cable for supplying power.

The optical signal cable.

The alternative signal cable.

Get most out
of your TosBlue unit

Included in the box

In the box you will find:

  • TosBlue unit with Velcro pads
  • USB cable, 1 meter long
  • Optical cable, 1 meter long
  • Audio cable with 3,5 mm plugs, 1 meter long

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TosBlue unit viewed from back and front.

TosBlue unit mounted on back of your TV with Velcro pads. Easy installation without tools.

Easy to install

Installation is a "snap" - done in minutes

  • No special skills required
  • Fasten to TV by Velcro pads
  • No tools required
  • No batteries to recharge or replace
  • No button to push
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Please find the complete Installation Guide here

TosBlue unit depicting the 3 connectors.

The "alternative line-in" cable for the TosBlue unit.

Alternative signal input

The TosBlue units are equipped with two alternative signal input connecters. The optical (SPDIF) input (in the middle), and the alternative analogue stereo "line-in" input (to the left). You may use either one.

The performance of the unit is the same for both inputs.

NOTE: Use only one cable at the time.

(The right USB connector is assigned for power input)

When you operate your TV, you operate the TosBlue unit as well. No extra effort is required.

Easy to operate

It couldn't be simpler …

When you turn on your TV, the TosBlue unit is powered ON at the same time and is ready to go.

What you need to do is to connect the Bluetooth receiving device (Bluetooth headset) to the unit – and you are ready to enjoy the super sound from your TV.

- Installation Guide for TosBlue-X and TosBlue-Y

- User Guide for TosBlue-X

- User Guide for TosBlue-Y

Pairing the TosBlue unit to the BHX headset is straight forward .

Pairing the unit
to a BHX headset

Here is a short guide ….

Press the ON button on the BHX headset until the LED flashes read and blue. The headset is now in pairing mode. Turn ON your TV. The TosBlue unit goes directly into pairing mode after power ON. The two units will now pair. When paired the LED will flash slowly blue.

The next time you pair, just push the ON button on the BHX headset until the blue LED is flashing. The two units will interconnect.

You may also find this video useful:
There are several user applications for the TosBlue unit with the BHX headset.

Using the TosBlue units
with your BHX headsets

The BHX headset gives you excellent TV sound from your TV via the TosBlue units. The use is simple.

Please see several user examples and configurations under Applications. Click here.

Our recommendation for
a “plug-n-play” solution

We recommend that you invest in a TosBlue-X unit + BHX headset for this application. Telme2 offer this combination at an attractive “bundle price” - including free shipping. Both units have the best aptx technology. For you, this means:
  • Enhanced sound performance
  • No delay of sound
The latter is important as the sound via the headset and the sound via your internal TV speakers will be well synchronized. If you plan to use a Bluetooth headset without aptx technology, you may experience a sound delay, i. e. the sound in the headset may be a little delayed compared to the sound via the internal TV speakers. Here are three possible ways to avoid problems with delay and secure a good sound.
  1. Turn off the sound from your internal TV speakers – and listen only via your Bluetooth headset.
  2. On most TV’s it is possible to adjust the timing of the sound output from the optical output port (SPDIF port). The procedure will differ from one TV to another. The general procedure is:
    • Click on MENU button on your TV’s remote control.
    • Click SOUND.
    • Go to SPDIF-DELAY. Here you may find a sliding bar. Draw the handle forth and back until the sound from the internal TV speakers and the sound via the TosBlue-X are in sync
  3. Invest in a good headset with aptx technology – for example the BHX headset from Telme2. Find more information on this headset here.

To enjoy stereo sound in
two headsets simultaneously

With the TosBlue-Y unit it is easy to pair with two headsets. Further, you will enjoy stereo sound in both headsets and no sound delay, provided the headsets are equipped with the best aptx technology, like in our BHX headsets. Finally, the sound in each headset may be adjusted individually and independent of the sound from the internal TV speakers.