Design awarded Bluetooth headset. Rich Hi-Fi sound. Up to 12 hours listening  time. Reliable construction.

This is the reddot
headset you can afford

If you find an awarded Bluetooth headset at a lower price – buy it! ….. And read no further! If not…… seriously consider this one. Read on and discover why.

The headset is equipped with the newest and best aptx technology for super Hi-Fi sound and sound no delay. In addition we have increased the battery capacity so you can listen up to 12 hours before recharging. In other words, this Bluetooth headset - the BHX - gives you outstanding value at a price you can afford. Please read on and discover why this is the right one for you!

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BHX headset. A perfect match for TosBlue units for wireless TV sound. Comfortable to wear.

Why you should spend 14
cents a day for super TV sound

Have you noticed that your new TV has inferior sound compared to the old bulky one that you got rid of? The reason is that there is no room for the good old speakers you found in your old one. This is why we find a lot of expensive sound bars on the market to compensate for the inferior sound from the flat panel TVs.

The inexpensive solution is a BHX headset and a TosBlue unit. It is a perfect match. Also for you. For less than 14 cents a day (1), you will enjoy super sound from your TV! The question is: Can you afford it? Money back guarantee and free shipping is included. Looks good – performs well – easy to use – affordable.
(1) based on 3 years use.

This BHX Bluetooth headset is reddot awarded. Great sound, comfortable to wear, easy to use and reliable.

Why should you care
about the reddot award?

The reddot design price assures you of outstanding value. And you want good value for your money! Right?

  • Rich stereo sound
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable

Find out why you will appreciate the features - on the next page.
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