The BHX Bluetooth headset in its package.
 The BHX Bluetooth headset comes with a USB cable for recharging.

How to get
most out of your headset

Unpacking the headset

Inside the package you will find a USB cable for charging.

NOTE: The headset is marked with L for left – and R for right.

Please use it accordingly.

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Recharging takes 2 – 3 hours

Charging the headset

After you unpack your headset, you need to fully charge it using the included USB cable. This will take 2 – 3 hours.

While charging the red LED is lit. When the charging process is completed, the light will go out.

You are now ready to use your headset for the first time.

With a push of a button, The BHX Bluetooth headset is easy to pair with a TosBlue unit.

Pairing the headset

Press the ON button until the LED flashes read and blue. The headset is now in pairing mode. Turn ON and set the Bluetooth sender in pairing mode. The two units will now pair. When paired the LED will flash slowly blue.

The next time you pair with the same sender device, just push the ON button until the blue LED is flashing.

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This BHX Bluetooth headset gives you undisturbed TV sound from the TosBlue units connected to your TV.

Using the headset
with the TosBlue units

This headset gives you excellent TV sound from your TV via the TosBlue unit mounted on your TV. The pairing process is as described above.

A new way to enjoy your TV – picture and sound – hand in hand.

This BHX Bluetooth headset gives you perfect wireless sound from your smartphone, tablet or PC

Enjoy music from your
smartphone, tablet or PC

The BHX headset is great for listing to music.

There are no cables to tangle with.

If your sending Bluetooth device is equipped with aptx technology, then the sound is further enhanced.

NOTE: Some of the new tablets and smartphones are equipped with aptx technology for better sound.

Make undisturbed hands-free phone calls with the BHX headset. Background noise is greatly reduced for your convenience

Make hands-free
phone calls with ease

This headset has built in microphone so you can make hands-free phone calls with good sound quality.

The sound quality is enhanced as the big head pads will block out much of the surrounding noise.

If your sending Bluetooth device is equipped with aptx technology, then the sound is further enhanced.

NOTE: If you receive a phone call while listening to music, the music fades out – you talk - and then the music comes slowly back in again after you have ended the phone call.

Adjusting the volume

With two buttons, you can easily adjust the sound level to your most pleasing level.

Next and previous track

You can advance to next track, or go to previous track, by pushing the corresponding two control buttons on the headset. You may use this function when you are listening to music from your smartphone or tablet.

User Guide
and Specification

A complete User Guide is found here
BHX Headset Specifications is found here

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