This BHX Bluetooth headset is so comfortable to wear that it puts a big smile on your face

Features you will enjoy

When you start using your new headset, you will discover these features ….
with a smile on your face!

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The BHX Bluetooth headset is a perfect match for the TosBlue units. Gives you rich stereo TV sound with no delay. Aptx technology .

Perfect with TosBlue

This headset gives you trouble-free and high quality listening experience with the TosBlue units.

There is NO delay compared to the sound from the internal TV speakers. This is achieved as the headset, as well as the TosBlue units, are equipped with the most advanced and best apts technology.

You may read more about aptx technology below…..

NOTE: Both Bluetooth sender and receiver must have aptx to take full advantage of the aptx technology.

The BHX Bluetooth headset uses the best aptx technology from csr. The technology enhances sound quality and eliminates the sound delay .

Excellent performance with aptx

This headset has built in the best aptx Bluetooth technology. This means better sound quality and no sound delay.

This is how it works:

The aptx technology converts the audio signals between analog and digital formats. This process is done in high resolution and at high speed.

The result ….. You will experience excellent sound with no delay.

The BHX headset is lightweight, equipped with big ear pads and comfortable to wear.

Comfortable to wear

Big and soft ear-pads make the headset comfortable to wear. Further, the big pads will also block out a good portion of the surrounding noise.

The BHX Bluetooth headset is easy to adjust for a perfect fit, no matter who you are.

A perfect fit

You will appreciate the perfect fit this headset gives you. With ease you adjust the headband length for a perfect fit. This, regardless who you are. Moreover, the light weight of this headset adds to the wearing comfort.

This is a very reliable Bluetooth headset. No mechanical folding joints that easily breaks.

Built to last

Many headsets may fold together for taking up less space. A nice feature. But you probably know that mechanical folding joints are weak points. Sooner or later these joints will cause problems. You too, may have experienced such problems.

This headset has no bending joints. Another simplistic quality feature you will appreciate.

50 % increased battery capacity gives you listening time up to 12 hours before recharging.

Longer listening time

You have experienced this annoying problem many times …..a flat battery - and no sound!.

To ease this problem, we have increased the original battery size by 50 %. This way you can spend more time listening. Up to 12 hours. And less time recharging.

We know you will appreciate this benefit!

Easy accessible control buttons

There are 5 control buttons:

  • ON/ OFF/ pairing
  • Volume up & down
  • "Next song" & " Previous song"
This headset is equipped with microphone so you can make hands-free phone calls.

Enjoy the ease
of hands-free calls

The headset is equipped with microphone so you can make hands- free phone calls from your smartphone.

The headset is conveniently recharged with the provided USB cable.

Easy to charge

With the USB cable which is enclosed, you can charge your headset from your PC, TV or other devices with USB output plug.

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