With a TosBlue unit on your TV and a BHX headset on your head you are 'right smack' in the middle of the band.

The super TV
sound you can afford

You have probably invested in a new TV set with substantial better picture. What do you think of the sound?

Have you ever wondered why the TV shops carry a lot of expensive sound bars?

The simple answers is that the old TVs had better speaker units – as it was ample space for them. When you choose a TosBlue unit from Telme2, this new challenge is solved.

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Enjoy your TV show in a new enriching way. Stereo TV sound without disturbing others.

You install the TosBlue unit on the back of your TV. Only the top visible from the front. The unit is powered from your TV via a USB cable. No batteries to charge or change. The unit is ready for operation when your TV is. You listen to the TV sound via a good set of Bluetooth headsets.

The TosBlue unit is sold to customers in more than 53 countries - on all continents.

As of October 2014 customers in more than 55 countries, in all continents, enjoying the TosBlue unit for enhanced TV listening. As you continue to read – you may discover why this unit also may be a good choice for you.

The super TV sound you can afford. TosBlue-X & BHX headset. Only 14 cents a day. You can afford it!.

Can you afford
14 cents a day?

The attractive solution is made up of a BHX headset connected to a TosBlue unit. It is a perfect match.

The solution is affordable. For less than 14 cents a day (#), you will enjoy super sound from your TV!.

Money back guarantee and free shipping is included.

Find out how you best can take advantage of this unique offer.

# based on 3 years use.
Sound and picture hand in hand. Both are required for a good experience.

Why a TosBlue unit

Get the total picture - Sound and picture – hand in hand!

A good experience is emotional.

The more of your of senses your use – the better.

A good picture without matching sound – is just half the experience. Make it complete!

The difference is obvious!

Stereo TV sound as you will enjoy it.

We have 2 ears – so we can experience sound directions.

Stereo sound is therefore natural for us.

That's why we enjoy it so much.

So, do not just watch TV … do enjoy your TV show. In stereo this time.

Now, you have a chance to experience the difference.

The TosBlue unit and the BHX Bluetooth headset offer many user applications. And they are all affordable.

The unique TosBlue concept revealing the stereo sound from your TV.

The TosBlue concept

You will be mounting your TosBlue unit on back of your TV with Velcro pads. Only the top of the unit will be visible from the front.

No tools or special knowledge is required. All cables and Velcro pads are included.

The unit is powered from your TV via the USB cable. An optical cable transmits the audio signals from your TV to the TosBlue unit. The cables are hidden behind your TV.

When you turn ON your TV, the unit becomes active and converts the optical sound signals into wireless Bluetooth signals. The Bluetooth signals are transmitted to a Bluetooth receiver, for example a BHX Bluetooth headset from Telme2.

You may now choose to turn OFF the internal TV speakers. The sound level may be adjusted on the headset.

With the internal TV speakers OFF, the sound is just for you. And you do not disturb any persons around you.

A new TV experience. You will enjoy it!

Two TosBlue versions

There are two TosBlue versions for you to choose from.

  • TosBlue-X is designed to communicate with one Bluetooth unit in a standard and simple way.
  • TosBlue-X2 is designed to communicate with 2 Bluetooth units at the same time. (The user interface is slightly different).

The use and difference is illustrated below:


TosBlue-X. Principles of use and the benefits for you.


TosBlue-X2. Principle of use and the benefits for you.
Steve McGugan. Award winning industrial designer.

Exquisite design
practical and timeless

The TosBlue units were designed by the famous and award winning Scandinavian designer Steve McGugan.

You may read more about Steve McGugan here.

The TosBlue units were designed with simplicity in mind. It relates to more than the outer shape. Much more.

The TosBlue unit designed by Steve McGugan.

The following was strongly considered:

- Ease of use
- Ease of installation
- Aesthetics
- Simplicity
- Quality

The result:

- No battery to be charged or replaced
- No buttons
- Installation without use of tools
- LED on top of unit to indicate status
- Unit is ready when your TV is ( 55,5)

Find out more about the surprising TV sound - on the next page.
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